Scott Heifman founder of Meetup

Scott Heiferman: The Story of Meetup

Describing Meetup is almost like describing the social web: it's been around since 2002, connects millions of people and is often named in the same category as Facebook, Twitter and other global social networks.

44 m

Ben Halpern of Dev.to

How to Use Patience and Empathy to Reach Millions

Derek Andersen and David Spinks

Bringing People Together

In this episode, we talk about why every founder should care about community, and how bringing together like-minded people can be a productive first-step for any new founder.

1h 6m

Collection of Podcasts - Host Derek Andersen

Bevy C2C Podcast

This podcast will teach you to build your own events community, using C2C, before your competitor does.


Collection of Podcasts - Host Talia Turgeman


Do you also hear the word "community" all the time? community leaders, managers and hackers. What is it all about? Talia Turgeman interviews the experts in the space such as David Spinks, Richard Millington, Dashi Dupta and more.


Collection of Podcasts - Host Severin Matusek

The Community Podcast

This podcast interviews people who have built communities successfully and distills their insights into learnings anyone can apply to their brand.


Suzi Nelson

How to Leverage Communities to Generate Revenue for Your Business

Stop making community about direct sales and start making it about emotional relationships


Collection of Podcasts

Community Roundtable

This is a podcast series with some of the smartest minds in the online community and social business space highlights what they’re working on, why they do what they do, and what advice they have for you.


Matt Mullenweg

How to build a community

Matt Mullenweg explains how he built a community and ecosystem around WordPress. He outlines the importance of connecting with users and building a simple product.


Jeff Lawson

Developing a Community

In this interview, Jeff Lawson explains how he built a community around developers and why the demo is the most powerful asset for a startup


Jeff Atwood

How to build Communities

In this interview, Jeff Atwood reveals what led to the success of Stack Overflow and how he managed to beat the incumbents.

1hr 7m

Alex Le, Michael Temkin, Geoffrey Woo, and Chris Dixon

Community and culture online

What happens when online communities — really, new subcultures — form primarily around interests, not just personal relationships?


Sean Jackson and Katy Katz

How to Build and Profit from a Hyperlocal Community Site

A comprehensive review of the tactics and strategies you need to create an engaging community site.


Ryan Hoover

The Building Blocks of community

Make your communicatoins memorable for users and build a culture that you want in your community.


Collection of Podcasts - Host Patrick O'Keefe

Podcasts from Community Signal

Community Signal is a bi-weekly podcast for community professionals. Patrick interviews community professionals that share their insight and knowledge on ho to build communities.


Collection of Podcasts

Community Pulse

Community Pulse is the spot for Developer Relations and Community professionals who are looking for information on building technical communities. Community Builders and DevRel veterans Jason Hand, Mary Thengvall, and PJ Hagerty interview experts in the field of Developer Relations and Community Leadership on a broad range of topics related to building community.